Check out Deck's forecasts for the 2020 general election β€” over 4,000 of them!
We help Democrats run better campaigns.

We tell you who's likely to vote, who they're likely to support, and what you can do to win your race.

Then, we help you take action on that knowledge by building campaign plans and identifying the exact voters you need to reach.

What does Deck do?

When you subscribe to Deck, you get access to our web app and APIs, which help you reach the right voters the right way.


We use data on what voters in the past have done, and what drove those decisions, to predict what the current voters in your district will do on Election Day. Our predictions use media, campaign finance records, voter traits, and candidate traits.


We then use those predictions to roll up a daily snapshot of what's most likely to happen in your election. We show you how our forecast has changed over time and how it's likely to change by Election Day.


We give you the tools you need to identify your campaign's most efficient pathway to victory and calculate weekly voter contact goals. Your plan and goals all live in one place -- so you won't need to manually update any complicated spreadsheets.


Once you've made your plan, we'll tell you exactly which voters to reach with each tactic. You can then integrate your outreach tools with Deck to reach those voters. You can also export your targets as a CSV file.

What makes Deck different?

Our approach to forecasting, planning, and targeting was designed to be accurate, actionable, and affordable for Democratic campaigns of all sizes.

No surveys

Most candidate support models are built with survey data. But that approach is expensive, stuck in time, and often inaccurate.

We have a new approach based on historic data that's more timely, accurate, and affordable.


Every day, we gather the latest media content, campaign finance records, and voter registration data for your contest.

We then use it to update your predictions. So when something happens, you'll see it right away.


Good predictions are worthless unless they’re actionable. We've focused on building user-friendly and flexible tools.

We help you plan the most effective program and use any outreach tool to target the right people.

How much does it cost?

Number of campaigns:

Basic access

πŸ“ˆ Daily-updated forecasts πŸ“‰

Track your chances of winning over time

πŸ“‹ Planning tools πŸ“‹

Run a more efficient program

πŸ“Ί News feed πŸ“Ί

See what the press is saying about you

πŸ’° Finance dashboard πŸ’°

Compare your fundraising to past campaigns

Free for campaigns with state party approval through our partnership with the DNC

Export access

🀯 Everything included in the "basic" version 🀯

Our forecasting, planning, and campaign tracking tools

πŸ’— Candidate-specific support scores πŸ’—

The probability each voter supports *you*

πŸ’΅ Candidate-specific contributor scores πŸ’΅

The probability each voter will contribute to *you*

πŸ€” Contest-specific partisan elasticity scores πŸ€”

The probability each voter might be up for grabs

πŸ—³ Contest-specific turnout scores πŸ—³

The probability each voter will turn out to vote

$2,000 for access through Election Day